Bewegen Lagoa

Bewegen  [bəˈveːgṇ]

dutch/german; to move / to exercise / to shift


Welcome to Bewegen Lagoa, the Algarve region’s preeminent bike-share system. Our aim is to provide the community’s residents and visitors with access to the most innovative transportation experience available. This is why our system is fully equipped with Bewegen’s signature Pedelec (electric assist) bicycles, located in convenient locations across the magnificent region of Lagoa to provide the best service available.


Bewegen bikes are perfect for exploration of the historic municipality of Lagoa and its surrounding area. The electric assist technology of our Pedelec bikes makes travelling easy and fun, whether you are riding up a mountain or cruising along the shoreline. The Bewegen Lagoa system is introducing the Algarve region to a new riding experience, one that is reshaping perceptions of urban mobility across the globe.


Bewegen Lagoa is committed to community vibrancy and sustainability. The integration of our bike-share system with the surrounding community gives rise to a living and vibrant atmosphere, humanizing the streets and energizing local businesses in the process. By providing residents and visitors access to our system every day, all year, our system offers a sustainable transportation solution that is convenient for everyone at any time. Having access to a bike has never been easier, with simple payment solutions and membership offers available online, through our Mobile App, and directly at the kiosks.


The Bewegen Lagoa system is an initiative of the Municipality of Lagoa, made possible via the partnership of Bewegen Technologies Inc. and Wegoshare, Lda., in charge of operations and continued maintenance of the system.


Wegoshare, Lda. is Bewegen’s exclusive European operations partner.


Wegoshare, Lda. is the company that operates the BEWEGEN LAGOA shared bike system.